When you find your self as an always-over-drooling-for-good-writing type of editor, then we're anxiously -can-not-hardly-wait to find you to join our team!

- Passionate
- Passionate
- Passionate
- Experienced writer
- Familiar with any content format for various media
- Internet and social media savvy
- Mastering EYD well
- Able to read and can understand this means you have no issue with english. Come to us and speak up your objection toward our english grammar or expression, will become a plus.
- In love with the deadline


We love geeks. Especially cool geeks. We will provide you the stage. So please, become our rock star.

Minimum Requirements:
- Bachelor of Informatics
- Mastering PHP and Frameworks, in particular framework laravel. (If mastering other frameworks is an advantage)
- Mastering OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and MVC (Model View Controller) - Mastering MySQL
- Mastering HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript (jQuery or other frameworks)
- Mastering the techniques of AJAX
- Ability to learn and develop a project flow
- Up-to-date with the latest web technology
- You know these better than us. Come and tell us what requirements you should have.


Have you ever visited a website that you are delighted for easily access? Praise the Webmaster!
Web Administrator & Analytics are responsible for upkeep, monitor, maintain of websites and..
YEP, there are more duties i know you're capable of!

Minimum Requirements:
- Have at least a diploma in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication) or equivalent
- Required skills: admin support, database administrator, skills of web analytics, web administrator
- Familiar with Windows Office
- Internet addict

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