Sharpening Content.
Designing Market.

With a deeper brief we provide, we make sharper perspective for
your contents to be shared. With the right contents we deliver,
we design the right market for your brand to grow in.

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Now every brand is
a publisher.


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Now everything
is mobile.

With everything goes mobile now,
how we keep it balanced between quality and speed is truly the challenge itself.
That's why sharper contents are needed. Pro writers are needed.
Wide networks are needed. And why Rautan is needed.

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Rautan is a content marketplace that brings together the clients who seek for quality with creators an expertise in their fields in competitive price.

Content Format


Sharpered contents will make sure your reader gets articles that interesting, substantial, and suits its audience / target market.


Categorized the content topic is really effective to make your readers get the informations as their need.


There will be a time when readers need ranking mark for their references. And that's when this rankable become the best option.

Facebook Post

Friendship alone does not guarantee your writing gets to be read. Only a good and interesting writing will be read and gets viral. We aim to sharpen your content through this type of post and spread it to a site where most of your friends are gathered: Facebook.


It needs a good trick to utilize a number of character to promote your own product. When Twitter is the book, Rautan is the right pen, and our insightful writers are the right ink.

Press Release

Not just your another press release. We are here to make sure your journalists write useful informations for your own product.


We are a group of expertise from various fields; marketing, communication, media, and journalism, who craving for best quality contents and envision a world of digital that filled with articles and writing that’re great, sharp, and insightful.


We ensure your content quality by providing the best quality of people to work with, including journalists. In Rautan, we have a group of journalist experts with various backgrounds. With the capabilities of reading characters of many people, our journalists are ready to create a content that suits your need.


How to make your headline's eye catching to your audience? How to make the very first sentence of your article catches their heart? Leave it to our copywriter team. They're here to pull the right trigger for every content, to make your target willing to read until the end. That's when copywriting takes the lead.

Social Media Specialist

As we are all agree, now most of the references and recommendations we get are from social media. That's why we ensure all your contents are done and supervised by our expertise in social media world.


Kayu Api

KayuApi Digital Reputation is a strategic driven public relations firm. It’s main expertise is using digital media to build and maintain client's reputation. KayuApi was established to represent the new approach and state-of-the-art communications solutions.


How to make your headline's eye catching to your audience? How to make the very first sentence of your article catches their heart? Leave it to our copywriter team. They're here to pull the right trigger for every content, to make your target willing to read until the end. That's when copywriting takes the lead.


At Ariston, it’s always been our mission to bring stylish, intelligent appliances into your home. With a history of trusted innovation, we have real insight into the demands of modern life. So, they not only great in your kitchen, but also make life easier by delivering outstanding results.


Whirlpool brand is dedicated to helping families thrive. We believe that the simple acts of care they give, day in and day out, have the power to change the world.


Delizia is an international product from Indonesia on sanitary. We strive to continuously maintain and improve the high standards by which we have committed ourselves to. We dedicate to provide products with the latest technological.

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A great content is born with the right understanding of context which could be perfectly absorbed by the audience.

Content is King

Nowadays, netizen is all about recommendation. They’re searching, asking, and chatting to get infos they need from sources they trust. The communication is getting horizontal. And now every brand should be a publisher itself. And that’s why content is all brand need. The right one.

Context is Queen

To be a publisher, our contents should be delivered right. The format should be right. The angle should be precise. The insight should be relevant. That’s when we need to sharpen the content. To do that, we need wider perspectives from all sides. That’s when we need all kinds of people to be our writers. That’s why we gathered pro writers from all over the country. That’s why we eagerly encourage brand to deepen their brief, to make it insightful. And that’s why Rautan is built.


How to order content?

As Client

1. Create a deeper brief
  1. Describe your brief as cleas as possible (Objective, type of content, target audience, content message, etc).
  2. Set a firm timeline.
2. Submit Order

Once your order is all set, submit it and don't forget to do all the payment first.

3. Choose the right content from all entries
  1. After the pitch started, many creators will submit their works.
  2. Choose the perfect one of your needs.
4. Revise and get final content

- Request revision to make it perfect for you.

- Download the final content.

How to create a content?

As Creators

1. Find Order

Search the right order that matches your capabilities

2. Create & Submit
  1. Create content based on the brief.
  2. Submit your content.
3. Your content will be pitched
  1. Your content and other writer's will be pitched.
  2. Wait for approval or revision from clients.
4. Win it and get paid right away
  1. If you win, clients will decide whether they'll go with it or need a revision. Once it's final, they'll download the final content. Then Rautan will transfer a full payment via you bank account.



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Slipi Jakarta Barat

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Rukan Sektor 1A, Gading Serpong,
Tangerang, Banten 15810

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